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Carnival Map 2016-08-01

Master slide C A R N I V A L M A S K C O S T U M E T H E A T R E T R A G E D Y C O M E D Y G R E E C E R I T U A L R E P E T I T I O N C Y C L E A D D I C T I O N O Y L I M P I A S P O R T A R E N A C O M P E T I T I O N E X C E S S F E S T I V A L F A I R M A R K E T T R A D E F A I R T R A D E D R I V E S S E A S O N S T I M E D A R K L I G H T D E S T R O Y B U I L D C O M M E R C E F A C A D E F I C T I O N E S C A P E V I R T U A L S C E N E I L L U S I O N D I S P L A Y C O R P O R A T I O N G U I L D T E M P O R A R Y D E A T H R E B I R T H F R E E P A R T Y R I O T C A M P M O T I O N F I L M F I R E F A N T A S Y M A G I C

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Angel of History 2016-07-14

Walter Benjamin's Angel of History "is turned toward the past. Where we perceive a chain of events, he sees one single catastrophe which keeps piling wreckage upon wreckage and hurls it in front of his feet. The angel would like to stay, awaken the dead, make whole what has been smashed. But a storm is blowing from Paradise; it has got caught in his wings with such violence that the angel can no longer close them. This storm irresistibly propels him into the future to which his back is turned, while the pile of debris before him grows skyward. This storm is what we call progress." Walter Benjamin, Illuminations

Tags: quote / collapse / time / destroy / motion / pile / new / future / chaos / decay / apocalypse / Walter_Benjamin / history /

Too Loud a Solitude 2015-07-18

For thirty-five years now I've been compacting waste-paper, and if I had it all to do over I'd do just what I've done for the past thirty-five years. Even so, three or four times a year my job turns from plus to minus: the cellar suddenly goes bad, the nags and niggles and whines of my boss pound in my ears and head and make the room into an inferno; the wastepaper, piled to the ceiling, wet and moldy, ferments in a way that makes manure seem sweet, a swamp decomposing in the depths of my cellar, with bubbles rising to the surface like will-o'-the-wisps from a stump rotting in the mire. And I have to come up for air, get away from the press, but I never go out, I can't stand fresh air anymore, it makes me cough and choke and sputter like a Havana cigar. So while my boss is screaming and wringing his hands and raining threats down on me, I slip away and set off in search of other basements, other cellars.
Most of all I enjoy central-heating control rooms, where men with higher education, chained to their jobs like dogs to their kennels, write the history of their times as a sort of sociological survey and where I learned how the fourth estate was depopulated and the proletariat went from base to superstructure and how the university-trained elite now carries on its work. My best friends are two former member of our Academy of Sciences who have been set to work in the sewers, so they've decided to write a book about them, about their crissings and crossings under Prague, and they are the ones who taught me that the excrement entering the sewage plant at Podbaba on Sundays differs substantially from the excrement entering it on Mondays, and that each day is so clearly differentiated from the rest that the rate of flux may be plotted on a graph, and according to the ebb and flow of prophylactics one may determine the relative frequency with which varying sections of Prague indulge in sexual intercourse.

Too Loud a Solitude, Bohumil Hrabal, 1976, translation Michael Henry Heim

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termite_eradication 2014-02-23

termite_eradication termite_eradication termite_eradication termite_eradication termite_eradication termite_eradication

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Modified Car Cruise Burnout 2013-09-08

Modified Car Cruise Burnout

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Fire and Truth, D. Graham Burnett 2013-09-08

"fire, […] in the history of the medieval trail by ordeal, is a basic technology of truth. Burned, things of the world reveal their essential nature. The scriptural basis for this notion is iffy (Lot surviving the flames of Sodom? Moses' encounter with the burning bush?). The physics of the proposition, however, proves to be spot-on: everything that burns speaks with tongues of flame that cannot lie. This is called spectroscopy."

Fire and Truth, D. Graham Burnett, Issue 32, Winter 2008, Cabinet

Tags: research / text / belief / energy / light / quote / religion / death / solar / lights / fire / destroy / burn / wave / true / spectrum / truth / transmissions / Fire_and_Truth / D_Graham_Burnett /

Burnout (text by Eleanor Clare) 2013-08-14

Burn Out

Through the grainy unsteady image and the sound, distorted by low quality compression, it
seems like something is trying to break through. The first few seconds sound like noise
pulled through a synthesizer, screaming and kicking as it emerges, fighting for life in its new
digital form. Something about it is alarming, frightening, tortured and angry. It is half-formed,
raw and unrefined. Streaks of red and white light flash across the screen.

It is an arena for action. Something about this situation that is chaotic; yet there is an
element of control. The driver makes tight circles around a central axis. At first this is
demarcated by a traffic cone, but as things proceed, the silhouette of a young man moves into the
centre. The car stops and revs up, creating billows of smoke in the air, obliterating vision for
a few moments. As the car skids and screeches, I feel a sense of alarm. This is coming close to
disaster for the lone, central figure, potential victim of the anonymous driver, a sacrifice for
the entertainment of onlookers. I can sense also the collusion. One figure willingly places his
trust in the other. There is a tension between these two.


A smoky, fiery object is spinning recklessly. One might say things had spun out of control.
Not quite though; for to completely lose control would mean total destruction. It would mean the
end. It all went up in flames. This is a sudden, intense and short lived burst of energy. More
like a supernova than the sun, and more akin to a meteor careering around a planet, than a planet
orbiting the sun. It was more than this, though. This scene was not simply about objects in space;
it was human. It was a game or a task, perhaps even a ritual.

Although I can identify it as a human activity, shot through with the implications of one's
relationship to another, from my vantage point it also seemed anonymous. In the dark, these
figures could be anyone, totally unrecognisable by the light of day. In this moment they had a
relationship to one another. Certainly for the two central protagonists, it was one of great
significance and trust. At any other time, on any other level, it was unclear. In this sense, the
action had become symbolic. The figures could be understood as archetypes. Ones which, for reasons
I cannot yet identify, I associate with the masculine.


In the threat of a loss of control, images had already flooded my mind. I remember as the
helicopters circled in the air above my house one evening in August. I had no idea why it was
happening, but this circling was incessant, the noise repeatedly coming close and fading away,
swelling and receding, but never quite out of my consciousness. It always gives me a slight sense
of unease, the idea of something being under surveillance, coupled with the notion that something
might be wrong. Why this surveillance from such a great height? It is a safe distance for the one
who watches. Then I remembered the destruction that had taken place, just minutes away from my home.
The aerial images of buildings and cars set alight, and rioters surging through the streets, anonymous
from this point of view. London's Burning.

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Ant Circle 2013-07-28

Tags: research / work / documentation / loop / system / cycle / movement / video / circle / escape / communicaton / universe / death / destroy / crowd / survival / phenomena / march / ants /

potlach 2012-08-14

potlatch noun /'pät?laCH/ potlatches, plural (among North American Indian peoples of the northwest coast) An opulent ceremonial feast at which possessions are given away or destroyed to display wealth or enhance prestige

Tags: research / product / text / elevation / success / destroy / status / definition / gift / potlatch /

tag-team katalog 2012-03-19

"Click to view tag-team katalog"

Installation for me is the staging of an arena; a temporal place, where there is the suggestion of narrative, but without the acting out or realisation of it. A tension or awkwardness is arrived at through the procedure. There can be an ambiguity of state; between definitives is where I find space for the work. I construct exhibition components like film or theatre scenery; with a facade of functionality. I am interested in light constructions, that can reflect the temporal and theatrical nature of an exhibition, mobility rather than permanence can be implied. A crude and provisional construction will be revealed in places; I am curious to make components that are ill fitting or dysfunctional. I want to create gaps that can be entries into the work. A gap is a hole, the place of desire; a sense of incompleteness in ourselves, we perpetually seek fulfilment, to be whole. Fantasy is continually renewed, we return again and again to the same place. For me this is also a metaphor for the creative process: the continual making and unmaking of work, the building of ideas and their subsequent deconstruction and the need build new again.

Tags: work / recent_work / stage / documentation / facade / sport / text / 2012 / collaboration / repeat / arena / temporary / function / production / desire / space / Norway / portable / scenery / incomplete / catalogue / destroy / dysfunctional / Tag_Team / awkward / gap / narrative /

Documentation (installation 5.11) 2010-05-29

Documentation (installation 5.11) Documentation (installation 5.11) Documentation (installation 5.11) Documentation (installation 5.11) Documentation (installation 5.11) Documentation (installation 5.11) Documentation (installation 5.11) Documentation (installation 5.11) Documentation (installation 5.11) Documentation (installation 5.11)

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